Friday, 17 August 2018

WALT: Follow the writing process interdependently
For this task we got to choose a writing to do and i choose a recipe then i typed up recipes then i found waffles so i wrote how you make it and the ingredients hope you enjoy and while you read this maybe try make it! 

Nessie Visualisation

WALT: Identify keywords and visualise from what we read.
This term we are investigating unsolved mysteries such as the lochness monster, UFO's and the lost city of Atlantis. First we are discovering if lochness monsters are real.  We had to read some information and then we made a drawing and coloured it in. We had to draw a drawing about a lochness monster without knowing what it looked like and only using the information on the drawing. Here is my drawing, I hope you enjoy. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

My Personal Treasure

WALT: Describe a personal treasure using descriptive language features

This is my treasure writing about my teddy bear. We had to think of something special to us so I chose to write about my teddy. I really enjoyed writing this activity because we got to choose something special to us to write about.

Do you have a special teddy like mine? 

Well if you do that's great and is it the most precious thing to you?  If it is, it's great.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Matariki Kite Day

Our group made a kite out of a black rubbish bag, paper,string, a toilet roll, colour and bamboo.
First we got the bamboo and made it into a star, then we stuck the bamboo on the rubbish bag with a hot glue gun.  Next we made stars then coloured them, cut them out and stuck them on the back of the kite. After that I thought about making a Matariki name in the middle of the kite so I did. I did it in bubble writing and also I cut it out. I had help with the bubble writing though.  After that we stuck the string on the toilet roll and with coloured pens we wrote Matariki on it. Then we glued the top of the string near the top so it could fly a bit higher.  I hope you liked our kite! 

Friday, 8 June 2018

Ivan Word Art

                    W.A.L.T: use descriptive language.
       This is my One and Only Ivan word art.

We had to go on word art and choose some words about  the one and only Ivan. We had to do maximum 15 words. So these are my words that describe Ivan. I hope you like this activity we did.  I know I enjoyed it!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Titanic First Class Menu

This is the First class menu on the Titanic
WALT: Research and share information

We got to choose out of  5 activities what we wanted to do. I chose this one so I could find facts about what the first class people would have had in their menu. So this is what I found. I was allowed to find pictures about what the food looks like, so here is my first class menu.

Friday, 25 May 2018

The One and Only Ivan Prediction Poem

W.A.L.T Make predictions to help us understand what we read.

This is my groups poster, poem and prediction about what we think will happen in the book, The one and only Ivan. This task was hard because we had to use the chapter headings from the book and make up a poem using them. The poem had to tell what we think the book is going to about. Once we have read the book we are going to do this activity again and see how our ideas have changed.